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Wuxi Henghe Engineering Consulting and Design Co., Ltd (HECD), formerly known as Wuxi Chemical Industry Research &Design Institute was founded in 1958. Our company is certified in national chemical industry, petrochemical industry and medicine industry...

Dear Customer:
If you have what valuable advice or counseling product price and Performance and other issues, please pay attention to or telephone

 In accordance with the development plan, we welcome senior engineer, engineer with working experience, or the project principal, professional principal, or national registered engineer in related fields to joint us (providing decent benefits).If interested...

Wuxi Henghe Engineering Consulting and Design Co., Ltd.
Add:No.102 East Yunhe Road Wuxi Jiangsu
Post code:214031
E-mail:hecd@wx-hecd.com/Special business:hecdbusiness@wx-hecd.com

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